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I am a web developer and digital designer from Sweden living in Norrköping / Stockholm.

Growing up with music and computers at an early age formed my present where I use my creativity to solve problems and create beautiful things.

Web Development

I began developing static websites 2013 with a very limited amount of knowledge but I quickly discovered the creative process of bringing simple ideas to code.

Example of stages in my development:

  1. Analyze the project
  2. Plan and sketch
  3. Design process
  4. Build process
  5. Test, tweak and optimize
  6. Deploy

This model is commonly referred to as the waterfall model and is one of many other great methods that I capitalize on for optimized development.

What platforms do I work with? If the goal is to deliver an easy to maintain website I find myself tailoring a custom WordPress Theme most of the time. I also develop custom CMS if required.

In the end, it’s all about finding the right resources and tools to deliver the perfect product.

App Development

Going towards a dominant mobile market I realized the need of optimizing our current desktop-knowledge into mobile applications. I combine the lastest technology with the right platform to develop user-friendly mobile applications.

UX Design

For two years I’ve studied e-commerce at Medieinstitutet and one of the many important lessons I learned is how the UX Design effects the end-user. When I work with e-commerce I surely try to educate that all kind of user experience will effect the conversion rate, revenue and customer behavior.

During development of UX Design I use tools such as Photoshop and Adobe XD for prototyping but I also use my front-end skills to sketch visuals for my customers.

Development results really shine when the art of UX Design and well-written code come together into a user-friendly product.


I work with many aspects of SEO such as onsite solutions where I focus on keywords and dynamic content to create a genuine base. There’s of course third party solutions that I encourage small and big businesses to capitalize on. Tools such as PageSpeed Insights and Google Business are the very foundation of building a digital presence.


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Creative Task 2017


Got something on your mind or just wanna have a nice chat? Send me a hello!
I’m always on the lookout for new projects.

Jeffrey Örnerstedt

Web Development & Digital Design